Online Business Marketing: The Basics

Why is it you always hear; “It’s time to get back to the basics?”

I still think good informative content and honest, solid linking are the way to go for most of my online business marketing strategies. Yes, the basics, the things that will work long term and at times can actually give you quick results on occasion. Now I know, I know, I know; boring, boring, boring. However . . .seo san antonio

A Good Online Business Marketing Plan: Any Tricky Shortcuts?

Yes! I do look at some of the latest products out there and trying for a shortcut now and then is not a bad thing.

If you find some gimmick that you think will give you a quick jump to your business, go for it! Getting a page or any of your content to rank high on the first page of Google, even for only a few days, is a GOOD thing!

BUT! Balance those methods with some of the basics of getting good solid content out there on a consistent basis. Just get on any guru’s mailing list and you’ll see a LOT of offers for the next big thing in online marketing.

Let me also mention that a press release is a good example of a safe little short cut to pop up high on Google for a few days plus get a decent backlink in the long run.

A Good Online Business Marketing Plan: Any Suggestions?

I tend to be old school but keep in mind what I can do as far as good SEO. This includes any little gadget or tricks that will give me an advantage without being considered a ‘Black Hat’ technique. I’ll say it again: I feel that good informative content and honest solid linking are the way to go for my online business marketing strategies.

Yes, that means blogging, articles, press releases, guest posts; writing or having someone write for you and then finding good authoritative sites to get that content on for Google to find and LOVE as well as the people who read it!san antonio seo

You might find it dull, boring and unexciting but midterm to long term success is actually very exciting. It feels really good when your online efforts result in depositing some cash in your pocket.

A Good Online Business Marketing Plan: Balance

You ideally want your online business marketing plan to have 3 or 4 methods for solid, long term success. Then throw in a few whacky strategies that can give your website traffic a quick boost or a work at that ‘secret’ that someone stumbled on.


That’s important!

Remember that long term success is going to take a little time and it will require you to do some work. As far as taking the latest and greatest way to quick success that pops up in your inbox, if you decide to try one or more of these follow the instruction as best you can in order to achieve the results the creator of that product achieved.

Pursue it until you start to feel that it won’t work for you and your time and energy is better spent in other areas. That is something that is hard to define. It’s like sitting at a blackjack table on a losing streak wondering if and when the cards will shift in your favor.

Now take a little time to come up with your online business marketing plan, write it out and do each method well and to completion.

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Dmitriy Pichenko