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Some Basic SEO Tips – Content

Basic SEO Tips

If you’re building a content site, one of the biggest problems you’ll have is filling it with good, keyword rich content. Even if you’re an expert on a certain subject, it’s difficult to write about that every single day, day in and day out. At some point, you’ll run dry, so to speak. But your need for content doesn’t stop.seo search engine optimization

One thing you can do to solve this problem is to buy content. There are several ways to do that. You can buy what’s called PLR (private label rights) content, or you can just hire someone to write your content for you. Let’s talk about both of these.

PLR Content

Private Label Rights content is any content that someone else wrote or otherwise made, which you buy. You also buy the rights to put your name on the content and make it look like it’s from you. In a way, this is similar to hiring a ghost writer. The writer writes the content, and you pay them for the right to claim it for your own.

There’s nothing unethical about this. About 80% of the non-fiction books in your neighborhood bookstore are ghostwritten. The writer is doing nothing more than selling a service.

The difference between PLR content and something that’s ghostwritten is the PLR content is sold to more than one buyer. This is kind of like an artist making copies of a print and selling the copies. PLR articles are generally sold to a limited number of buyers, 25, 50, or 100. Something like engine optimization - seo

Buying PLR content is about the cheapest way for you to get content that you don’t have to write. You can buy 10, 500 word articles on most any topic for $8 to $15. Once you purchase the content, you can re-write it, use it as it, cut it up and use it, use it with other content. You can give it away or you can sell it.

Hiring a Freelancer

At the other end of the cost spectrum is hiring a freelance writer to write your blog posts or articles for you. You can do the same things with this content that you can do with PLR content. The only real difference is your content written by a freelancer is unique. It’s not sold to other people.

Of course, there’s a cost difference. At the low end, freelance content should cost you $5 or $7.5 for 400 to 500 words. At the high end, this could cost upwards of $25. More experienced writers usually charge more. Also, writers from third world countries can charge less.seo san antonio

Either way you go, at some point you’re probably going to have to buy some sort of content in the future. If you’re going to hire a freelancer, then make sure you get an article or two from them so you can see if they can write. Then order your content in small amounts until you’ve established a relationship with the writer.

Outsourcing your content is a great way to save money, and get quality content. Try it! You’re probably going to be pleasantly surprised.

Traffic is the Lifeline of your Website

Traffic is the Lifeline of your Website

Every single website and blog needs traffic if it is to survive. Without the right kind of exposure your web property is lost. When people can’t find your site, there’s nothing you can do to make it successful. Thankfully, there are lots of (zero cost) methods that you can use to get more traffic. And article marketing is one of the things you can do. As someone in article marketing you’re not just driving targeted traffic to your site, you’re also building one heck of a brand. seo san antonio
If you can use article marketing correctly, nothing else will compare to it. So how are you supposed to go about accomplishing this? If you want to increase your article marketing success, the tips we’ll share in this article will help you.

Article Marketing

The title you assign to your article is incredibly important. Why are you even bothering to submit your articles if nobody is opening them or reading them? Be careful when you pick titles for your articles. It’s important to take an approach that is both targeted and relevant. Trying to be confusing and mysterious isn’t the right way to go. This will definitely bring down the open rate of your articles. You need to offer as much clarity as you possibly can with the titles of your articles. The work you put into composing good titles is definitely worth it.SEO Local - National-international

Thinking about copying articles from somewhere, mixing and matching your way to article marketing success? If your answer is yes then you’re on the wrong path. Article marketing will only be successful if you create totally original articles. If you do not have real and original content it won’t make a lot of sense to start article marketing. You can’t even use private label right articles for it. It’s important to work your way up that article marketing ladder by only using articles that are as original as you can get. This one tip will save your bacon and make you a far better and more effective article marketer.

If you’re submitting your articles to niche directories and sites, it’s a mistake to expect all of your articles to be published. It’s a maybe maybe not kind of response rate there. Try to make contact with as many websites as you can. If you don’t see a considerable response coming from a specific website, it is important to be patient. And then get in touch with them. It’s okay to ask why your article hasn’t yet been published. You should also work to analyze your articles to see if they might be lacking in anything. No matter what, don’t reduce your effort simply because you get a few rejections. It’s all in a day’s work.internet marketing san antonio Every article marketer out there knows for sure that quality is what really matters. When you want to leave your mark on your industry through article marketing, you need to make sure that you stay focused. Make sure you take the correct action at the correct times. With the proper tactics and your continual forward movement you can take your article marketing efforts to unprecedented heights. You have lots of options (not just one) if you want your article marketing to be effective. Better than that, good article marketing can help you achieve long term results. It offers you the consistency you really need when you want to send targeted traffic to your website.

Not getting any traffic to your website

Not getting any traffic to your website

Are you frustrated that you’re not getting any traffic to your website? Can’t afford expensive Pay-Per-Click campaigns? Then you’re very fortunate to have discovered this article. After reading this article, you will know 7 traffic strategies that will boost your business. 7 Free Traffic Strategies.SEO Local - National-international

Article Marketing
In comparison to the other free traffic strategies, article marketing is still the king. Peruse the internet marketing literature and you are sure to find this one mentioned. Ok, so article marketing is ubiquitous, but does it still actually work? The answer is, yes! Just make sure article is honestly geared to informing your reader. Do not sell to them or they will click away in an instant.

Squidoo Lenses
This traffic strategy is increasingly gaining steam and is now almost as popular as article marketing. Having a squidoo lense is analogous to having your own personal website. The built-in advantage of a squidoo lense is that Google loves them! The downside is that Squidoo will show advertisements on your lenses, but they really don’t detract from your content. Write a very informative lenses (don’t make it salesy or too promotional) and then include a link to your website. Like article marketing, if the user is pleased with your content, chances are they will go ahead and click to your site.

Of all the free traffic strategies, I predict video marketing will overtake article marketing in the future for the mere reasons that people are instantly stimulated visually. You can easily make a youtube video by putting together PowerPoint slides, using your own pictures, or using Camtasia. Watermark your video with a link to your site and include a link in the resource box.

Social Networking
Set up profiles at popular social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, etc. Network with people in your niche and get established on these sites with a customized profile. It is very easy to grow your network, and people who are interested in what you offer can find you easily. If you can use “photo marketing” to your advantage (cute pet pictures for a pet site, for example), include in your networking list as well.

Yahoo Answers
This technique is underutilized, but effective. People who post questions in Yahoo Answers many times have legitimate problems and are seeking help. If you think you have the solution to their problem, answer their question in an honest, detailed way. Avoid hype AT ALL COSTS. At the end of your answer, include a link to your website
Blogs and Forums
Just like the other free traffic strategies, the important point to keep in mind is quality information. Find blogs related to your site, and make relevant, informative posts. Do not sound spammy, or your post may be deleted. Many blogs allow you to link to your site, so include it at the end of your post. Again, for forums, make quality posts and in your signature include a link to your site.

Funnel Traffic From Other Sites
This is a strategy that require a little bit of creativity, but you want to consider many different ways that you can funnel traffic from popular websites such as: craigslist, ebay, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc. These are very popular websites that are established and bursting at the seams with live visitors. Think of ways that you can add something of value, and (without spamming!) lure these visitors to your website.

Depending on the scale you implement these strategies; you should be receiving a good steady amount of traffic. Consistently marketing your site in a variety of ways is the key to gaining exposure and getting a consistent flow of traffic into your website!

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